What is a web domain name?

Domain Name

Domains are unique characters that corresponds to IP addresses which communicate the information via the Internet. Domain names are just a more relatable, memorable and recognizable IP address that helps you find a website online.

For example, the domain name for our website is www.wizedrop.com. It’s just easier to remember a name instead of remembering some random numbers. Basically, the domain is a shortcut to your website hosting server. The amazing fact is that web domain names are as unique as a fingerprint: you will not find another domain name like yours in the whole Internet world.

Why should you carefully choose your domain name?

Maybe you haven’t thought about it before, but your domain name is the first impression a potential customer has over your brand. It is intuitive and represents your business, it helps to form a trusted brand, to be recognizable and visible online. Your domain name is your online identity, it’s the way to protect your copyrights and trademarks and the way to form your brand awareness, reputation and credibility.

The domain names are composed from second level domain (the name you give it: in our case it’s “wizedrop”) and top level domain (for example in our case it’s the domain extension “.com”).

There are three different domain extensions:
• Top level domains (TLD) are the most popular domain names which are listed at the highest level in DNS (domain name system), like .com, .org, .net;
• Country code top level domains (ccTLD): these are specific for a certain country and is mostly used when the business has the targeted audience only in that country. For example, a UK web domain would be wizedrop.uk, or for France would be wizedrop.fr.
• Sponsored domains (sTLD) or Generic domains (gTLD) are the ones that represent a specific community, like .edu (for educational institutions), .gov (for government institutions), etc.

After you’ve registered your website domain name, you have the possibility to create also subdomains (in our example would look like: www.store.wizedrop.com), which are domains that stay under the umbrella of the main domain and are used for online stores, blogs, videos, books, etc.

Is a web domain the same thing as a website?

When you are new in business and you’ve just created your business name, the first thing you should do is to search your domain name and see if it’s available (Wizedrop is a reliable domain name checker, so you can use our website to search your UK domain name availability). The domain search is made on WHOIS, a web database that stores information about internet domain names like: who is the owner of the web domain and his contact details, the registrar, domain expiration date, website hosting server, etc.

After you register the UK domain you should use it by putting on it your business email address and website. While this is not a mandatory step, be aware that you cannot have a website without a web domain. Also, you can have multiple websites on the same domain.
When your internet domain is used for a website, the domain name is what everyone is typing on search engines in order to find your website. Therefore, sometimes people are referring to it as web address.

Why should you register your internet domain?

Since the domain is unique, there is a great possibility that someone else in this world would want to use it. Therefore, you should reserve it, just to make sure that it will be yours and no one else could take it from you and use it for their website and email address.

Internet domain names are registered by the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). This organization creates and implements all the policies and regulations for domain names and allows other companies (registrars) to sell domains via web. For example, here at Wizedrop, we are allowed into selling UK domains, manage all domain records, make transfers with other registrars and make domain transactions on your behalf.

After you register the web domain name, if you want to use it for a website, you need to create the website and host it to a server. No matter where you decide to host your website, the domain will remain the same until it expires the registration.

How is hosting different than a web domain?

Having a website requires both a domain and a hosting. A domain name is the way that people could find and remember your website, while hosting means that all your content and files from your website will be stored to a server.

What happens when your web domain name expires?

The expiration date of an internet domain name could bring with it two consequences:
• The web domain name will be deactivated and it could be either renewed by the original owner, either bought by someone completely new.
• If the domain is not renewed by the original owner or purchased by someone else, the registrar will put it under a status of pending delete and will, eventually be deleted, if there will be no actions of restoration. After the domain will be deleted, the domain name will be released for general registration in the Internet world.

Can selling your domain name be a good decision?

Selling domains is nowadays a very profitable business. You can see this as an investment that will pay off very well. If you are looking for cheap domains to buy and then resell, Wizedrop is the perfect place to start.

Wizedrop is a United Kingdom domain sale business created especially for UK based domain owners that manages website domain auctions, backorder domains and web domains for sale. Even more, you can buy premium domain names right from our UK domain search function.

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